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Blessed Winter Solstice!

Today is the Winter Solstice.  It is the longest night of the year.  Many ancient structures are set around the Winter and Summer Solstices.  The structures show the sun cascading thru varioous portals to hit an exact spot that is only possible on that particular day. For Pagans it represents renewal of life as the sun becomes stronger and begins to overpower darkness and night.

The celebration of the Winter Solstice or Yule has many carry overs to modern Christmas.  The Christmas tree and decorating with holly for instance.  Originally the trees brought in were potted so that they could be planted outside in the Spring but the Evergreen represented just that life, rebirth and renewal.    Holly was brought into homes a protection against evil.  They also represent hope for the renewing sun.  Wreaths were made to represent the circle of life and the wheel of the year.  It would be decorated with symbols that represented what the family was hoping to achieve with the renewal of the the sun.

Looking into the history of various holidays (or holy days) is quite fascinating. To be able to see how traditions started and where they come from is something I will never tire of.

I hope everyone has a blessed Solstice! Thanks for reading!


Shake, Rattle and Roll

Yep. Another short one. The laptop and this site are not playing together so I have to do this on my phone. I spent too much time reading your posts, lol.

As is no surprise the contractor did NOT appear or get in contact at all yesterday. So we may be back to square one. He may fire himself. I did not make my phone call to the county because Dad and I were in the phone together.

Chris slept until almost 1pm. I was able to keep the kids quiet. He has more than earned his vacation this coming week!

Our neighbor’s surgery is today. I’m not sure what time. I will keep an eye out to see if he wife comes home and find out how he is. I really hope this weekend is uneventful for all of us.

And with that I need to get ready to go to work. Thanks for reading and have a great day! ❤️🌲🐾

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What the Day May Bring

The clouds are moving from West to East.  That usually means that we will get precipitation.  Hopefully it will not be as cold as yesterday.  We were in the double digit negatives with wind chill.  I had the kids out in their coats that Mom made them (for those of you who are new here my three Pittys are my kids).  Moose was too funny.  He would come running in to get his coat off then do zoomies around the house.  There is nothing to make you smile like Pitty zoomies!

The contractor for the garage is due to be out some time today.  What he is planning on doing is beyond me.  Mom refuses to pay unless we pass final inspection (which is what the contract we signed stipulated).  He actually asked for the rest of the money and offered to drop $500 off what was owed.  (Big eye roll here.)  There is no good ending to this mess.  We will have to get someone else to finish the garage.  I am tempted to ask if we can fire him and hire someone else.

I am hoping today will go better. The less said about yesterday… dealing with the contractor was just the highlight of it all. I am trying to be positive. I am trying to look on the good and bright side of things. I am trying to work more on my writing. Speaking of which I need to get a review written. On that note I should probably stop for now. Thanks for reading!



Quick Check In

This may be another mega short one as we got snow last night and it is cold enough I worry about getting the car started.  Sooooo… The inspector did show up on Monday.  He also told the contractor that he wasn’t signing off until he fixed the stairs.  Mind you I had to call the Building Permit office to be told this.  Not a peep from the contractor.  So I told the Permit people about other issues I had found with construction.  I also sent a photo of the snow that had come in through the roof to the contractor.  He said he will be out sometime today.  We shall see.  The saga continues!

My awesome Mother-in-law is the one who sent my the fabulous wrap and pins.  I love it!  I have been wearing it most of the day yesterday.  And I got a lot done yesterday.  Bedding is all done, dishes swapped out, laundry done and put away, floors and counters cleaned…  I know I got more done but I keep looking at the clock.  A plow truck just went by.  You know it’s bad out when the trucks are out and about this early.

I supposed I ought to take that as a hint.  I don’t know if I will do another post later or not.  It will depend on a myriad of possibilities.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Thanks for reading!


Random Kindness

No one showed up to insect the garage.  So I will give them a call later this morning.  I barely got through work.  I just wanted to be left alone.  But I faked my way through my day and got home.  When I got home there was an Amazon package waiting for me.  It contained a beautiful wrap made of blues, greys and whites along with three Celtic pins to hold the wrap in place.  I have no idea who sent it and there was nothing in the box.  Since they used a shortened version of my name that limits the list of culprits, lol.  Even so no one is admitting to anything.  It was a very sweet thing to do and much needed.  Not to sound materialistic but just that someone randomly got me something because they could and to make me happy.

I still am not sure if I am going to be able to make it down to Bay City to see the family.  Money has gotten a bit tight and I honestly am not sure how much money I will need for gas for the trip.  I have never taken the Jeep on a road trip before.  The flip side is I cannot cancel.  I don’t know when the next time I will see everyone is.

As of right now the lot is open on Christmas.  With Thanksgiving it was on the calendar as being closed.  Christmas it says we are open.  That will make the trip down more stressful if I am coming back late and have to be back at work by 8am Wednesday morning.  Chris will hit the roof too.

The month has gone by way too fast. Friday is our neighbor’s knee surgery. I had hoped I had more time but Surprise! The kids are getting restless so I’d better set away from the laptop for a bit. Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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Garage Inspection Day

Thank you everyone for your support yesterday.  It meant a lot.  I do feel a little better today.  We’ll see how it goes. Out garage is due to be inspected today.  When I took the dogs out there yesterday I found a bunch of snow on the floor in the loft.  So that means that the roof caps are not on correctly.  I am keeping the garage locked so that they will have to get someone to come and let them in.  I want one of us to be there with the inspector because it sounds like our contractor is trying to ease his way out of things.  I took photos of the snow in the loft so if for some reason it is no longer there I can show the inspector.  If I’m not home and Chris is talking to him I can send Chris the photo.  This whole situation makes me so angry.  If we don’t pass inspection (and I hope we don’t so he has to fix things) I can almost guarantee that nothing will be done on his part.  He will drag ass til Spring and then it will be the same hassle of me calling him every day to see what is going on.  If we don not pass inspection I am going to ask the inspector if we can have someone else fix things because I don’t trust our contractor to do it (obviously he cannot do it right the first time).

I am going to have to layer up today as it isn’t supposed to get very warm.  I pulled everything out before bed last night. All three kids are sleeping in various plies of blankets. I didn’t want to get up this morning either. I would much rather not healing with anything until Spring. But I am not a Bear so I need do cope as best as I can. Looks like I need to get ready for work. I hope everyone has a great day!

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Trying to Find a Way

I truly do not know what today will bring.  I have spent a good bit of my morning laying in bed trying to not think about how to move forward.  Things need to change.  But when I try to thin of ways to do that my brain and body enter panic mode and all thought will freeze.  Then my mind starts thinking of all that is wrong.  How I am making things worse.  And my mind stays in that pattern no matter how hard I try to get out.

I have tried music (I have words and musical phrases that are stuck in my head now).  I cannot focus on reading anything.  Even curling up with the dogs doesn’t offer any relief.  Things are probably to a point that I should seek outside help.  But the thought of that…

The snow has lightened up but it is still coming down.  We probably got 3-4 inches overnight.  The harder I search the more lost I become.  I laid in bed this morning trying to think of what to write in the blog.  I couldn’t get behind any of my ideas.  Not that this is any better.  But I have gotten further with this than I did with my other tries.

I just turned around to see this behind me…

The other baby is across the room in the big dog bed. Moose used to sleep there in the mornings but now Essie does. Moose (on the left) and Stella (on the right) are either behind me or on the couch on the morning.

Time to sit down and try to make some plans. I hope you have a great day…❤️ Thanks for reading.

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Anger Management

Anger seems to be the name of my game today. Small things will set me off. Part of the grieving process or me just being fed up with things? Probably both.

Our final inspection on the garage is Monday. Our contractor told me it had been done and to go ahead and start putting stuff in. I don’t trust him so I called myself and found out it was to happen on Monday.

I still haven’t gotten but one gift purchased for Christmas. No idea how to get anyone else anything. Or even what I could make them. My Jeep engine has acquired a new sound that I don’t trust.

I did make puppy treats the other day and the housework is mostly caught up. I also have three pups trying fix whatever is wrong with me.

I need to fill my propane tank for work (it ran out about 10am yesterday). That will be an excuse to take the kids for a ride. Maybe that will help.

Sorry to be such a downer lately. I hope everyone has a great day. ❤️

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Feeling Broken

This will be another short one.  Yesterday was hard.  I talked to both my parents and it was my Aunt’s memorial service.  By the time bed time rolled around I was crying myself to sleep.  It was one of those crying jags that once you start you can’t stop.

All I can think of is missing my Aunt.  I can’t imagine how my Uncle is coping.  Especially having to keep it all together for all the friends and family who are there to pay their respects.  That is something I always hated.  I never wanted to show my emotions in front of a bunch of people like that because then everyone tries to comfort you.  Somethings you just can’t comfort.

So today I am feeling broken.  Too much emotion going on lately.  I am going to have to try to write my article at work.  I had intended to get up early this morning as usual and get it written.  I just couldn’t face the day.  I don’t feel any different right now to be truthful.  I just want to stay home and sleep.

I’d better get myself together for work.  I hope everyone has a great day.

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Life Still Moves Forward

I feel as though I am running behind.  I’m not but…  I have a meeting this morning.  I laid all my clothes out last night.  I need to leave early to put gas in the car.  Today is one of those days I just want to stay home.  Last night my Uncle sent a copy of my Aunt’s memorial video.  That brought everything back.  And now I just want to stay home.  But I made a commitment and I have to follow through.

When I get home I also need to send out clips for another reviewing gig.  This time as a beer reviewer.  I’ll let you know how that one pans out.  I thought it would be fun as it is something different for me.

I might be fighting a cold.  I spent most of my shift outside yesterday in below zero weather.  It took me forever to get warm once I got home.  I took medicine before bed so we’ll see if that helped.  It could be worse.  One of my coworkers slipped and fell on some ice and has probably broken some ribs.  He was miserable.

I read as many blogs this morning as I could and I am sorry for the inconsistency of this one today.  Watching that video last night of my Aunt really hit hard.  I hope everyone has a great day!