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The Further Adventures of Essie

I think I can safely say that Essie enjoyed her little adventure yesterd ay.  Apparently the other two were “quiet as church mice” while we were gone.  The weather was pouring rain when I got everything loaded and we left for work.  I got her settled in the trailer with the heat on, blankets from home and a bowl of water.  Then I headed back out to do the inventory of the lot.  But the time I got back in not only was I soaked but the pouring rain had changed to heavy wet snow and was coming down thick and fast.

Once I got back in to write my list I had to settle her again.  We took a tour of the trailer so she could sniff everything (she actually did this twice) and then she snuggled in with me on the couch.  I got my list written and sent in and my driver (also known as the repo man) came in to sit for a spell.  Essie barked and bit when he came in but settled in beside me and just kept and eye on him.  We chit chatted til someone arrived to get their vehicle back.  At that point we had a good four inches of snow on the ground.  That was in about an hour and a half.  Once everyone left Essie and I settled in to read and share pictures on Facebook and with family members (she was such a ham!). I was very pleased to see her go and get water to drink from the bowl at various times.

Around noon another friend stopped by to meet Essie since he’s seen all the pictures.  She was not happy with him. I felt bad because he is such a sweet guy. Even when she “warmed up” to him it was chilly at best. But he stayed for a while and we chatted and shared music we liked. Essie pretty much laid across my lap and dozed off and on.

At one point the wind really started to pick up. All that heavy snow that was in the trees was now on the ground and the trees seemed to be tryin to touch their roots. But the snow and rain stopped. Essie was very good about going potty. I wasn’t sure how she’d do but she left me know each time and I put her coat on her and we’d tour the yard til she did her business.

We left right at 2pm on the nose (Essie seemed to know what time it was as she started getting restless about quarter to 2pm) and headed to the vet. I was a bit anxious as our appointment was for 3pm and everyone said the roads were bad. It turns out they were just wet. With all the rain we got before hand it just made it slushy and with all the traffic it was pretty much just wet roads.

Since the roads were good (even if the drivers were not… they seemed to think the roads were all but impassable 🙄) we arrived around 2:30pm for our appointment. Essie was shaking so bad when we walked in the door. Everyone was trying to comfort her. A few minutes later she went back (I had to go with to the door or she refused to even budge) and a few minutes after that she was back beside me on the couch. Everyone thought she was so cute in her coat her Gramma made her too.

On the trip home I stopped at McDonald’s and got everyone a cheeseburger. We missed Chris by a few minutes but I waved as we passed on the road. We were home a few minutes later.

So Essie had a good time despite herself.

I don’t know if she will ever like car rides (she never has) but she did very well yesterday on her adventure and I am proud of her.

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