Dogs, Life

And They’re Off!

Busy busy morning. Essie is coming with me to work so we can go right to the doctor to get the drain tubes taken out. Despite all my prep yesterday it feels like I’ve got so much to do. Blankets need to go in the backseat, her travel bag (water, treats, more blankets, an extra shirt and water) needs to go out to the car, I have her coat to put on (it is pouring rain), frisbee to grab as well as my own stuff.

Moose won’t be happy that I am taking Essie nor will Essie be happy. The other reason I am bringing her with is the contractor is supposedly stopping by to do some work (hahaha) and I want to avoid any possible fight.

I apologize for not reading any blogs this morning. There is so much to do and my laptop is acting wonky so I am trying to do this on my phone. I hope everyone has a great day!

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