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The Day After the Day After

I’m not sure  how cohesive this will be.  The past week hit me late afternoon and I feel like doo doo.  I didn’t get much sleep.  I tried to keep up with the housework and keep the kids inline (mostly keep Moose and Stella busy while keeping Essie not).  Truthfully I feel like I’ve had no sleep at all.  When I get out of work today I’m taking Chris to go pick his truck up.

It has been hard to keep Essie quiet.  She is back to her old self and will chase Stella around the yard for zoomies if I don’t watch her.  It is hard not to give her tea kettle because she loves that game but she shakes herself and her frisbee way to hard.  Moose has been a jewel.  He understands that Essie needs more attention because she is hurt but he will still get jealous.  He has been a love about sharing me.  At night he sleeps in my arms now.  Essie is usually along my legs.

Stella has just been busy at the wrong moments and getting in trouble.  We finally got everyone settled down last night and Stella had to be the center of attention and playing.  Preferably at the same time.  And bless her she will try to get Essie to play (and Essie will if I don’t catch them) and I hate to yell at her for that but she tries to bounce Essie and I worry about stitches and tubes tearing as well as another fight.  We have been walking on egg shells whenever someone barks or we hear a growl.

Essie Somehow got her tee shirt off last night.  I think she was just too hot.  We have an old comforter on the bed so anything from the drains coming out is not big deal.  She was very good about letting me put another tee shirt on her this morning.

I guess I should get going for work.  I hope all of you have a great day.  Thanks for reading and thank you for all the kind words.


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