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Update of Goings On

All is quiet this morning.  Unlike yesterday when I had to take Essie to the Emergency Hospital.  The night before She and Stella started fighting.  And wouldn’t stop.  The end result is countless stitches and two drainage tubes for Essie.  This has not been the best week for us.  I am grateful I dont have any writing projects due.

Essie looks like a little human in her tee shirts (we put them on her to catch the drain from her tubes).  She is back to her old self today.  All the medicine has worn off so she can focus again.  She is still very sore and on both antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain meds. But she is drinking and eating as well as going to the bathroom. I had a bit of fear last night in bed because I couldn’t feel her breathing.

I hope everyone had a better day than we did. We did exchange gifts although it was rather anticlimactic after four hours in ER. I had a very bookie Christmas. Both Mom and Chris got me books. Three of the books are story collections (two fiction and one non). Chris got the sword he wanted (Mom and I went in together for it). I don’t remember the correct name for the blade. It is the size down from a katana. Mom got her French press, a book of sudoku puzzles, some trail mix and a flamingo key chain that is a light. Oh my two little sisters (Mom’s two girls (dogs)) got me two boxes of tea. I had run out.

Essie spent most of her time in my arms sleeping. Dad had a rough patch so I talked him back to normal in the late afternoon. I am hoping for a drama free day today. I’m not going anywhere today. My one day (I hope).

Time to check Essie’s tubes and stitches. Take care my friends!

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