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Christmas Eve

Tis the day before Christmas and I just want to stay home.  But I arranged to meet with Mom so I can give her her gift.  I may sneak to the dollar store and get her some little fun things to add to it.  I am still not feeling all that great but atleast now I know why.  A bit of a shock but there it is.

Yesterday was busy between work and then we did groceries as well as dropping off Chris’s truck (all is well with the truck by the way).  Despite there being too many people out it wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be.  We drastically limited our stops once I saw various parking lots (getting groceries was bad enough).  The pups were extra happy to see me when we got home since I only spent maybe 30 minutes with them after work before we left to do our running.

My days are so confused between the holidays and Chris not working this week.  I only hope I remember I work Friday!  The weather here has been wonderfully warm.  Part of me wonders if Mother Nature is saving up to hit us hard after the first of the year.  I truly hope not.  This might be the first winter I have halfway enjoy due to weather.

I just glanced at my to do list for the day and I need to get doing.  There is a lot there and time is a wastin’!  I hope you have a great day!  Thanks for reading!

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