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Family Traditions

Today will be steady if not busy.  Once I get home from work Chris and I will go to the store and get groceries for Christmas dinner.  It will just be us and the kids again this year.  I’m sure we will talk with family and friends over the course of the day.  I need to remember to go across the street and wish them a Merry Christmas.  (Our neighbor’s knee surgery went well and he is home.)

Mom and I were talking and holidays just don’t seem to matter as much since Grams has been gone.  She was the one who made it all special.  We did pretty good for a few years when we moved out here to Rapid City but then animals died and kids grew up.  So we are back to being separate for the holidays.  So I guess that means it is time to start new traditions.

It will give me something to think about.  I will ask Chris as well.  Maybe we will start the orange tradition again.  Oranges in our stockings like when I was little.  Nuts.  I just looked at the clock.  I thought I had more time.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!

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