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What the Day May Bring

The clouds are moving from West to East.  That usually means that we will get precipitation.  Hopefully it will not be as cold as yesterday.  We were in the double digit negatives with wind chill.  I had the kids out in their coats that Mom made them (for those of you who are new here my three Pittys are my kids).  Moose was too funny.  He would come running in to get his coat off then do zoomies around the house.  There is nothing to make you smile like Pitty zoomies!

The contractor for the garage is due to be out some time today.  What he is planning on doing is beyond me.  Mom refuses to pay unless we pass final inspection (which is what the contract we signed stipulated).  He actually asked for the rest of the money and offered to drop $500 off what was owed.  (Big eye roll here.)  There is no good ending to this mess.  We will have to get someone else to finish the garage.  I am tempted to ask if we can fire him and hire someone else.

I am hoping today will go better. The less said about yesterday… dealing with the contractor was just the highlight of it all. I am trying to be positive. I am trying to look on the good and bright side of things. I am trying to work more on my writing. Speaking of which I need to get a review written. On that note I should probably stop for now. Thanks for reading!


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