Quick Check In

This may be another mega short one as we got snow last night and it is cold enough I worry about getting the car started.  Sooooo… The inspector did show up on Monday.  He also told the contractor that he wasn’t signing off until he fixed the stairs.  Mind you I had to call the Building Permit office to be told this.  Not a peep from the contractor.  So I told the Permit people about other issues I had found with construction.  I also sent a photo of the snow that had come in through the roof to the contractor.  He said he will be out sometime today.  We shall see.  The saga continues!

My awesome Mother-in-law is the one who sent my the fabulous wrap and pins.  I love it!  I have been wearing it most of the day yesterday.  And I got a lot done yesterday.  Bedding is all done, dishes swapped out, laundry done and put away, floors and counters cleaned…  I know I got more done but I keep looking at the clock.  A plow truck just went by.  You know it’s bad out when the trucks are out and about this early.

I supposed I ought to take that as a hint.  I don’t know if I will do another post later or not.  It will depend on a myriad of possibilities.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Thanks for reading!

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