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Garage Inspection Day

Thank you everyone for your support yesterday.  It meant a lot.  I do feel a little better today.  We’ll see how it goes. Out garage is due to be inspected today.  When I took the dogs out there yesterday I found a bunch of snow on the floor in the loft.  So that means that the roof caps are not on correctly.  I am keeping the garage locked so that they will have to get someone to come and let them in.  I want one of us to be there with the inspector because it sounds like our contractor is trying to ease his way out of things.  I took photos of the snow in the loft so if for some reason it is no longer there I can show the inspector.  If I’m not home and Chris is talking to him I can send Chris the photo.  This whole situation makes me so angry.  If we don’t pass inspection (and I hope we don’t so he has to fix things) I can almost guarantee that nothing will be done on his part.  He will drag ass til Spring and then it will be the same hassle of me calling him every day to see what is going on.  If we don not pass inspection I am going to ask the inspector if we can have someone else fix things because I don’t trust our contractor to do it (obviously he cannot do it right the first time).

I am going to have to layer up today as it isn’t supposed to get very warm.  I pulled everything out before bed last night. All three kids are sleeping in various plies of blankets. I didn’t want to get up this morning either. I would much rather not healing with anything until Spring. But I am not a Bear so I need do cope as best as I can. Looks like I need to get ready for work. I hope everyone has a great day!

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