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Trying to Find a Way

I truly do not know what today will bring.  I have spent a good bit of my morning laying in bed trying to not think about how to move forward.  Things need to change.  But when I try to thin of ways to do that my brain and body enter panic mode and all thought will freeze.  Then my mind starts thinking of all that is wrong.  How I am making things worse.  And my mind stays in that pattern no matter how hard I try to get out.

I have tried music (I have words and musical phrases that are stuck in my head now).  I cannot focus on reading anything.  Even curling up with the dogs doesn’t offer any relief.  Things are probably to a point that I should seek outside help.  But the thought of that…

The snow has lightened up but it is still coming down.  We probably got 3-4 inches overnight.  The harder I search the more lost I become.  I laid in bed this morning trying to think of what to write in the blog.  I couldn’t get behind any of my ideas.  Not that this is any better.  But I have gotten further with this than I did with my other tries.

I just turned around to see this behind me…

The other baby is across the room in the big dog bed. Moose used to sleep there in the mornings but now Essie does. Moose (on the left) and Stella (on the right) are either behind me or on the couch on the morning.

Time to sit down and try to make some plans. I hope you have a great day…❤️ Thanks for reading.

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