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Anger Management

Anger seems to be the name of my game today. Small things will set me off. Part of the grieving process or me just being fed up with things? Probably both.

Our final inspection on the garage is Monday. Our contractor told me it had been done and to go ahead and start putting stuff in. I don’t trust him so I called myself and found out it was to happen on Monday.

I still haven’t gotten but one gift purchased for Christmas. No idea how to get anyone else anything. Or even what I could make them. My Jeep engine has acquired a new sound that I don’t trust.

I did make puppy treats the other day and the housework is mostly caught up. I also have three pups trying fix whatever is wrong with me.

I need to fill my propane tank for work (it ran out about 10am yesterday). That will be an excuse to take the kids for a ride. Maybe that will help.

Sorry to be such a downer lately. I hope everyone has a great day. ❤️

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