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Moving Towards the Holidays

I feel like I have been going and going and going.  So much got done yesterday (in and out of the house) and today at work will be another busy day it seems.  I have an emergency meeting to cover tomorrow morning as well.  I am applying to be a beer reviewer as well.  I figured it is something I enjoy and we do anyway with our beers.  I wanted to see if I could get paid for it as well.  So tonight I need to get some clips together and send them in.  I’m not holding mu breath but it would be something fun to add to my list of things to write.

The photo I added to this is one I took yesterday in between running to Traverse and going to the meeting.  I am very proud of that photo.  It took some doing.  Moose was the best because he kept his antlers on the whole time.  Essie did a bit but Stella kept pushing them off with her paw.  But the end result it worth it.

I made a new friend last night.  I met a chocolate lab who was 3 years old.  Such a love!  He was pretty well behaved all in all. He spent part of the time beside me getting scratched. My crew barely gave me a sniff over when I got home. If it would’ve been my husband he would’ve had to stand still for a few minutes while they got all the smells of the new dog off of him.

Nuts, I need to get moving. I need extra time to put layers on this cold morning ( a high of 18F (-7C) for the day). Have a great day! Cheers!

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