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Today I don’t want to go out.  The rain turned to snow which means all that water underneath has become ice.  I have to drive to Traverse this afternoon and then to Elk Rapids tonight.

As I was reading through this morning’s new pieces I noticed an amazing contradiction in information between stories.  This is what you should eat if you want to do this with your body.  No!  Wait!  New studies have shown that this tried and true form doesn’t work!  It is actually bad for you!  You need to do this to car if you want it to last. You need to feed your pets this to keep them healthy! No! Wait! If you feed your pets this you could kill them!

It is ridiculous! And now everyone seems to have allergies of some kind. This wasn’t a problem when I was a kid. You played outside and you got the occasional cold but you were all in all pretty healthy. No extra meds for this and that (that never seem to work unless you stop taking them, then something else seems to be wrong).

When I got my oil changed the other day the guys and and got chatting. One of them said to make sure I warmed my car up for 5-10 minutes before I went anywhere on cold mornings. I told him it was funny he said that because everyone lately has been saying the opposite. He rolled his eyes and gave me a lengthy explain action as to why they were wrong.

Another instance, when I was younger we gave our dogs a teaspoon of diced garlic every meal sometimes to keep fleas off of them. It worked! Now when I was advertising my homemade puppy treats and one of flavors is beef and garlic I had someone message me that garlic is bad for dogs. Since when? My kids have gotten garlic in many forms over the years with no ill effects.

It is very frustrating to go to the internet for help to find contradictions like this. Has this happened to you? What do you do? Who do you turn to?

I look forward to hearing what your take in all of this is. Have a great day! Cheers!

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