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Trying to Keep a Balance

Yesterday ended up being busy after all. I spent most of my day outside (and it was damn cold). But I came home tired and I like that. I felt like I had accomplished something. Despite being tired I managed to stay awake til our usual time (Moose was ready to go to bed at dark).

There is so much wrong in the world I try to focus on what’s right. I am not ignoring the bad. I do acknowledge it. But if I focus on the bad (especially things I can do nothing about) it doesn’t do anyone (especially me) any good. It is a tough thing to do some days.

A good example for me is the Pitbull situation. I am constantly reading about them getting shot for just being a Pibble, dog fighting, various abuse cases. If I dwell on that I will mentally play what if my kids were in that situation and it goes downhill from there. What I do instead is try to put some positive back into the world. I do my best to educate people on Pitties. I share good stories about my kids and others. I donate food and money where I can (not just to Pitty rescues). This might not fix the wrong but I’d like to think it pushes things closer to balance with the right.

Just thinking “out loud.” I am getting the eye from my Pitties so I guess I should go and put something warm on so we can go play in the garage. I hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading!

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