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I am glad yesterday is over.  Now to move on with today.  It is a dark and cold day.  You can make out actual clouds instead of feeling like you are beneath a dark grey blanket that keeps the heat out instead of in.  I can hear heavy machinery but I am not sure from where.  There is a logging mill a ways behind us but the sounds are coming from the opposite direction.

  Moose and Stella are behind me on in loveseat while Essie has her frisbee in the man cave. I have a meeting to cover tonight but nothing else. So what will I do with the day ahead of me? Laundry will need to be finished and put away and I need to make puppy treats. I also have a few books that I need to post their reviews on various media. I think today will be a full day.

My only concern is Moose. He was very under the weather last night. I hope he’s not sick. All three kids are coming due for their annual exams. Everyone is fit and trim with our almost daily trips to the garage to run around as well as playtimes in the house. Essie is going to be 10 years old in July. Some of her fatty lumps seem to be growing. This worries me as well.

I think part of my time will also be spent reading. I have been going through various writing books seeking inspiration. Many of them have writing prompts that help. The key is to not haul out all the books I want to go through at once. Then I get lost. I only pick three books at a time to go through.

I just figured out what the sounds were. My awesome neighbor across the street has plowed out the yard and driveway (we are still waiting on the final inspection of the garage so parking is still going on in the front yard). I need to go and thank him.

I hope all of you have a great day! Thanks for reading!

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