Just a Bit Freaky

Truthfully I don’t want to be doing this. What I want is to be curled up with Moose on the couch to freak out in peace. I’m having a panic attack that seems to be getting worse before it gets better. Moose hasn’t left my side. I am tempted to take him to work with me.

I apologize as well. Since I am barely holding it together I am not going to be reading anything today. I try to atleast read a few blogs before work (no internet at work so I can’t catch up there on my downtime).

I can’t focus on this very well. Moose keeps watching me instead of going to sleep. I may bring a blanket from home and try to get some sleep if I can. This all started around 2:30am.

Thanks for readying. I hope you have a great day….❤️

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