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A Day in the Life

The article is done and sent in with photos. Stella is currently using my back as a prop for her butt to stay on the love seat. I had her pushed all the way back so I could get more coffee and she would not fall off but once I sat back down she squirmed forward and is propped against me.

I just feel like I am busy busy all of the sudden. I’m not. There are a lot of things I want to do but I am not busy unless I am doing them. It is weird. Maybe because I am taking my time with everything this morning? I’m not sure.

The garage is supposed to have final inspection today. No one came by yesterday so this was the other day we were told. The garage is locked up so I hope the inspector doesn’t assume (like the last time) that he will just be able to come in. I guess we’ll see.

Yesterday was cold but very very sunny. Today is quite the opposite. Not as cold but very dark. Not that it matters to the dogs. I have Moose all but in my lap for attention, Stella has wrapped around my shoulders and Essie is resting her head on mine. So I guess I need to put this away and get going outside to play. Cheers!

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