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Getting Involved

I had hoped to do this on the laptop but the system clean is taking a lot longer that it should. The weather hit after dark last night. Freezing rain. So under all the snow that is coming down there is a good layer of ice. I promised that I would go to the kids Christmas party this afternoon. I have to put gas in the Jeep so I guess I am still going. They offered to come get me but I don’t want to depend on someone else and have them decide when I can go home.

I find it interesting how much more involved I am locally since I started writing for the paper. We’ve been here almost 20 years and we a just now doing things locally. I mean don’t get me wrong Rapid City is a tiny place so there isn’t a ton to do. That being said there are things that happen here you hear about but never do. Like the free pig roast in the summer or the kids Christmas party.

We’ve gotten to know people who work at the local grocery store over the years but not many others. Me writing for the paper has gotten me more exposure and more involved in the local stuff going on. It’s kinda cool.

So tomorrow I will share how the event went and how bad the roads are. I hope people show up. They have done so much hard work!

I hope you have a great day! See you tomorrow!

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