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The Further Adventures of Essie

I think I can safely say that Essie enjoyed her little adventure yesterd ay.  Apparently the other two were “quiet as church mice” while we were gone.  The weather was pouring rain when I got everything loaded and we left for work.  I got her settled in the trailer with the heat on, blankets from home and a bowl of water.  Then I headed back out to do the inventory of the lot.  But the time I got back in not only was I soaked but the pouring rain had changed to heavy wet snow and was coming down thick and fast.

Once I got back in to write my list I had to settle her again.  We took a tour of the trailer so she could sniff everything (she actually did this twice) and then she snuggled in with me on the couch.  I got my list written and sent in and my driver (also known as the repo man) came in to sit for a spell.  Essie barked and bit when he came in but settled in beside me and just kept and eye on him.  We chit chatted til someone arrived to get their vehicle back.  At that point we had a good four inches of snow on the ground.  That was in about an hour and a half.  Once everyone left Essie and I settled in to read and share pictures on Facebook and with family members (she was such a ham!). I was very pleased to see her go and get water to drink from the bowl at various times.

Around noon another friend stopped by to meet Essie since he’s seen all the pictures.  She was not happy with him. I felt bad because he is such a sweet guy. Even when she “warmed up” to him it was chilly at best. But he stayed for a while and we chatted and shared music we liked. Essie pretty much laid across my lap and dozed off and on.

At one point the wind really started to pick up. All that heavy snow that was in the trees was now on the ground and the trees seemed to be tryin to touch their roots. But the snow and rain stopped. Essie was very good about going potty. I wasn’t sure how she’d do but she left me know each time and I put her coat on her and we’d tour the yard til she did her business.

We left right at 2pm on the nose (Essie seemed to know what time it was as she started getting restless about quarter to 2pm) and headed to the vet. I was a bit anxious as our appointment was for 3pm and everyone said the roads were bad. It turns out they were just wet. With all the rain we got before hand it just made it slushy and with all the traffic it was pretty much just wet roads.

Since the roads were good (even if the drivers were not… they seemed to think the roads were all but impassable 🙄) we arrived around 2:30pm for our appointment. Essie was shaking so bad when we walked in the door. Everyone was trying to comfort her. A few minutes later she went back (I had to go with to the door or she refused to even budge) and a few minutes after that she was back beside me on the couch. Everyone thought she was so cute in her coat her Gramma made her too.

On the trip home I stopped at McDonald’s and got everyone a cheeseburger. We missed Chris by a few minutes but I waved as we passed on the road. We were home a few minutes later.

So Essie had a good time despite herself.

I don’t know if she will ever like car rides (she never has) but she did very well yesterday on her adventure and I am proud of her.

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And They’re Off!

Busy busy morning. Essie is coming with me to work so we can go right to the doctor to get the drain tubes taken out. Despite all my prep yesterday it feels like I’ve got so much to do. Blankets need to go in the backseat, her travel bag (water, treats, more blankets, an extra shirt and water) needs to go out to the car, I have her coat to put on (it is pouring rain), frisbee to grab as well as my own stuff.

Moose won’t be happy that I am taking Essie nor will Essie be happy. The other reason I am bringing her with is the contractor is supposedly stopping by to do some work (hahaha) and I want to avoid any possible fight.

I apologize for not reading any blogs this morning. There is so much to do and my laptop is acting wonky so I am trying to do this on my phone. I hope everyone has a great day!

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Power or No Power?

I’m not sure how long this will be.  We have had steady rain and very strong winds for a few hours now.  I finally got everyone settled and laying down.  However the gusts of wind ae getting worse and things are thumping and at times flying through the air in the yard.  The dogs keep getting spooked and I’m not sure how long we will have power.

Yesterday was wonderfully uneventful.  I am about halfway through Joe Hill’s short story collection Full Throttle (thank you Mom).  I have tried to keep the kids busy but not too busy.  Essie is more active than she should be but there is very little that I can do to stop her.  She will rest when she is tired and she has been careful of her stitches.  I need to call to get her in to get the tubes out.  Then a week later she will hopefully get her stitches out.  It makes me cry to look at her sometimes.

There is almost no snow left anywhere.  You might see a white patch here or there but it looks like March outside, not December going into January.  There are also a lot of branches hanging randomly from trees.  Going to be a bit of a clean up after this weather is over.

I did get my article written but still plugging along on the review.  Still.  It’s very frustrating.  Part of it is me not trusting myself and the other part is not knowing what they want.  Do they want more technical?  Do they want my voice or a more straight laced I-know-what-I’m-talking-about voice?  I’m not sure so I drag my feet.  A review I did for another site still hasn’t seen the light of day. And the two reviews I busted butt to get written and delivered on time last year have been forgotten about once again. So I took them back. I have no idea where I am going to put them but they are mine to do with as I please.

We just had a brown out (lights went out then back on quickly). That really spooked everyone. And that means I might not have internet to post this. So I’d better wrap this up. I hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading!❤️

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This morning has certainly dawned brighter than yesterday.  Yesterday it was dark until almost 9am with all the cloud cover.  I am feeling very anti people right now.  I don’t want to interact with anyone.  I find myself not using social media much anymore.  Especially not to share anything.  I have people asking how I am and I put off responding to them.

I have an article to write (an inspirational one no less) for the new year for a horror site.  I also have atleast one review I need to write.  And I find myself not wanting to.  I just want to chuck everything up and start again.  But doing what?  How would I change things?  What would I change?

I know a lot of things are changing in my world (personal as well as global).  I am retreating further and further into myself.  Maybe it is just a winter thing.  Maybe once things warm up and light up I will get back to “normal”.  But what if I don’t?  What if I have gotten so comfortable with not dealing with people that I just stay where I am?  Is this good?  Is this bad?

I need to be able to sit and work things through.  And I also need to go and wash Essie’s tee shirts.  I just noticed she is wearing her last clean one.  The washer has died on us so I will wash them out in the sink.  Fortunatly I got one last load done before it gave up the ghost.  I hope everyone has a great day.  Thanks for reading.

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The Day After the Day After

I’m not sure  how cohesive this will be.  The past week hit me late afternoon and I feel like doo doo.  I didn’t get much sleep.  I tried to keep up with the housework and keep the kids inline (mostly keep Moose and Stella busy while keeping Essie not).  Truthfully I feel like I’ve had no sleep at all.  When I get out of work today I’m taking Chris to go pick his truck up.

It has been hard to keep Essie quiet.  She is back to her old self and will chase Stella around the yard for zoomies if I don’t watch her.  It is hard not to give her tea kettle because she loves that game but she shakes herself and her frisbee way to hard.  Moose has been a jewel.  He understands that Essie needs more attention because she is hurt but he will still get jealous.  He has been a love about sharing me.  At night he sleeps in my arms now.  Essie is usually along my legs.

Stella has just been busy at the wrong moments and getting in trouble.  We finally got everyone settled down last night and Stella had to be the center of attention and playing.  Preferably at the same time.  And bless her she will try to get Essie to play (and Essie will if I don’t catch them) and I hate to yell at her for that but she tries to bounce Essie and I worry about stitches and tubes tearing as well as another fight.  We have been walking on egg shells whenever someone barks or we hear a growl.

Essie Somehow got her tee shirt off last night.  I think she was just too hot.  We have an old comforter on the bed so anything from the drains coming out is not big deal.  She was very good about letting me put another tee shirt on her this morning.

I guess I should get going for work.  I hope all of you have a great day.  Thanks for reading and thank you for all the kind words.


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Update of Goings On

All is quiet this morning.  Unlike yesterday when I had to take Essie to the Emergency Hospital.  The night before She and Stella started fighting.  And wouldn’t stop.  The end result is countless stitches and two drainage tubes for Essie.  This has not been the best week for us.  I am grateful I dont have any writing projects due.

Essie looks like a little human in her tee shirts (we put them on her to catch the drain from her tubes).  She is back to her old self today.  All the medicine has worn off so she can focus again.  She is still very sore and on both antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain meds. But she is drinking and eating as well as going to the bathroom. I had a bit of fear last night in bed because I couldn’t feel her breathing.

I hope everyone had a better day than we did. We did exchange gifts although it was rather anticlimactic after four hours in ER. I had a very bookie Christmas. Both Mom and Chris got me books. Three of the books are story collections (two fiction and one non). Chris got the sword he wanted (Mom and I went in together for it). I don’t remember the correct name for the blade. It is the size down from a katana. Mom got her French press, a book of sudoku puzzles, some trail mix and a flamingo key chain that is a light. Oh my two little sisters (Mom’s two girls (dogs)) got me two boxes of tea. I had run out.

Essie spent most of her time in my arms sleeping. Dad had a rough patch so I talked him back to normal in the late afternoon. I am hoping for a drama free day today. I’m not going anywhere today. My one day (I hope).

Time to check Essie’s tubes and stitches. Take care my friends!

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Christmas Eve

Tis the day before Christmas and I just want to stay home.  But I arranged to meet with Mom so I can give her her gift.  I may sneak to the dollar store and get her some little fun things to add to it.  I am still not feeling all that great but atleast now I know why.  A bit of a shock but there it is.

Yesterday was busy between work and then we did groceries as well as dropping off Chris’s truck (all is well with the truck by the way).  Despite there being too many people out it wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be.  We drastically limited our stops once I saw various parking lots (getting groceries was bad enough).  The pups were extra happy to see me when we got home since I only spent maybe 30 minutes with them after work before we left to do our running.

My days are so confused between the holidays and Chris not working this week.  I only hope I remember I work Friday!  The weather here has been wonderfully warm.  Part of me wonders if Mother Nature is saving up to hit us hard after the first of the year.  I truly hope not.  This might be the first winter I have halfway enjoy due to weather.

I just glanced at my to do list for the day and I need to get doing.  There is a lot there and time is a wastin’!  I hope you have a great day!  Thanks for reading!

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Family Traditions

Today will be steady if not busy.  Once I get home from work Chris and I will go to the store and get groceries for Christmas dinner.  It will just be us and the kids again this year.  I’m sure we will talk with family and friends over the course of the day.  I need to remember to go across the street and wish them a Merry Christmas.  (Our neighbor’s knee surgery went well and he is home.)

Mom and I were talking and holidays just don’t seem to matter as much since Grams has been gone.  She was the one who made it all special.  We did pretty good for a few years when we moved out here to Rapid City but then animals died and kids grew up.  So we are back to being separate for the holidays.  So I guess that means it is time to start new traditions.

It will give me something to think about.  I will ask Chris as well.  Maybe we will start the orange tradition again.  Oranges in our stockings like when I was little.  Nuts.  I just looked at the clock.  I thought I had more time.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!

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Filling Up

Today is filled.  Filled with pups who want me to get off the computer and love on them.  Filled with sunshine (a second day of it).  Filled with family (Chris is officially on vacation).  And filled with love.

I think this will be a smaller post.  I am still not feeling up to snuff after yesterday.  The cramps were bad enough I almost went to the Emergency Room.  Not how I wanted to spend my day.  I am trying to type one handed as Moose is I my lap.

I am still trying to find my way on this road of writing.  Nothing seems to fit.  But I have to keep trying.  My book reviews seem to fall flat to my ears.  So I put off doing them or don’t do them at all.  My articles feel forced.  I cannot find my flow.  I have lost my spark.

I am still taking photos with my camera.  I am not sure what to do with them all.  I know some of them are very good but now what?  Are they to languish on my phone or flash drive?

Maybe I will wander outside and take some more photos. With the sun out things are much more inviting.❤️

Sun rise this morning
Sunset last night