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Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite Moose being sick yesterday and me being less than stellar myself I did get a lot done after work.  I cleaned the mouse cage, did trash, switched out dishes, washed laundry AND put it away as well as two trips to the garage with the dogs.  This morning I pulled the turkey from the smoker and plopped it in the oven (Chris started it when he got home last night) this time with stuffig and herbs, wrote my article that I was supposed to do last night, and made the pumpkin pie.  The pie is baking right now.

I feel accomplished even if I am in serious pain (not to do TMI but the long and short of it are very bad cramps that have me doubled over at times).  Moose is better but he seems to have lost some of his happy-go-lucky.  He sticks to me like glue.  It could be because he knows I’m hurting.  Essie has also been very attentive.  Well, ok all of them are a bit more than normal.

I can’t help thinking about my family and friends that have lost loved ones recently.  I wish I could gather them all together but I cannot.  Christmas will be worse I think.  Then I remember at this time last year I was in Oklahoma with Chris’s side of the house.  It was weird being able to spend time with family instead of working. I am still not used to it.

This year it will be just Chris and I. And I think we both want it this way this year. Another thing I am grateful for is the weather. All I have seen and heard over the past week or two has been about these massive storms that are going to make travel hell for this holiday. We had rain yesterday and despite the big fat flakes that came down last night the sun is out and shining and there is barely a dusting of snow. ❤️❤️❤️

Well before I make this much longer I will sign off. Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful to have all of you!

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