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Bad Weather and Upset Tummy 😢🐾

It has been pouring rain for a few hours now. The wind is considerable. Not sure if it when the power will go. Chris almost hit a downed tree in the way home.

Moose started getting restless around 6:15 am. He tossed and turned on me but couldn’t seem to get comfortable. He finally laid on the floor. And couldn’t get comfortable there. Then I heard him stand up like he was coming back to bed then a small whine and he left the room. A minute or so later I heard him getting sick in the living room. He got sick about five times.

I was able to coax him out long enough to go pee and he did eat breakfast. But I can tell he still doesn’t feel good. He has come to lay beside me in the floor. Very rarely does that happen. He usually is behind me on the love seat on on the couch. I am tempted to bring him to work with me. The problem is he really doesn’t like it there. And if the power goes out here he atleast can comfort Essie who will be shaking. I just don’t like leaving him. He’s never been sick like that before.

This ought to be an interesting day. I am gonna be worried about him til I get home. Our contractor is supposed to come and get the trash left behind by his various teams. I wonder in this weather. I also have no word on the final inspection. Angry no longer covers my feelings.

I need to get ready to go. Please keep my baby Moose in your good thoughts and prayers. Have a great day!

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