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Start of Idiot Season

The day after tomorrow will begin what I not-so-lovingly referred to as the idiot season in retail.  All beginning with, not Black Friday, but with what dubbed Grey Thursday.  T remember when 6am was the hallowed hour at which stores opened.  Not 10am on Thanksgiving.  That was what we did the last year we were open.  And everyone hated it. Being part of the management team had it’s perks because I could hide out in our shared office.  I could also drift back to the breakroom and snack when I got the munchies (we worked 12 hour shifts and usually got the 10pm to 10am shift).

I tried to make the holiday season better for my co-workers over the years.  My best one was when I organized the Secret Santa.  It got to the point that in October I was being asked if we would be doing the Secret Santa that coming December.  A few years I even did an Ugly Sweater Contest.  I’d like to think that I helped us get through the month of madness a little bit happier.

Last year was the first year in 15 that I actually spent Thanksgiving as the holiday it was meant to be.  I was with family and I was very very grateful.  People forget that here.  They forget that it isn’t about the almighty dollar. It’s supposed to be about family and gratitude.

So for those of you who plan on going shopping for those Black Friday deals (that you can get year round if you pay attention to sales) please be respectful towards the sales staff. They have to give up family time not for any good cause (not really) like saving a life or keeping people safe but because of greed.

I would also add to be grateful for anyone that has to work the holidays because you wouldn’t be able to do all that you can without them.

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