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Remembering the Past

I listen to the engine of the truck as it sits outside waiting for the bus to arrive to take their kids to school and remember when I had to take the bus to school.  Every day was an adventure as we had to drive through the heart of Detroit to pick up some of my classmates.  I got to see a lot of life I otherwise wouldn’t have looking out those bus windows.

Looking back I was exposed to a lot of things that people now would’ve thought twice about doing.   Living in Hazel Park was not as risky as Detroit but it could be.  My best friend lived a good hour walk away and I wouldn’t think twice about doing it (especially in the summer).  In the summer I walked everywhere.  I did the same thing when I first moved up here.  I stayed with Mom just up M72 West and I daily would wallk all the way to 14th Street for work.  And in all weather too.

I have very good memories from some of my sketchy behavior.  I got my husband out of that too.  First night my friends tried to snub him and say they only had room in the car for me so he said he’d walk and meet us there.  Well I decided I would walk with him.  That shocked everyone (including Chris I think) and we’ve been together ever since with many of our own wild adventures.

Part of me feels sorry for the generations that have come after mine.  Our world was a bit crazier but a bit safer because of that.

I need to get going for work.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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