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A Quandary

It is a late morning here.  I spent the day on the loveseat with rotating Pitbulls reading Lord Peter Whimsy stories.  The headache my day started with turned into a migraine.  I keep telling myself that I will get back into my groove after this coming week.  With the loss of a family member and two high school friends last week I am allowed the time to grieve.  Even though my brain is chiding me for “wasting time” and that I just need to get back up and keep moving.

I look at my piles of books on writing… am I pushing myself too much?  Not enough?  I don’t feel that I have made any further advance on my writing.  I’ve all but dropped off my other writing site.  Doing the same things isn’t helping.  I need to find a fresh way of approaching my writing.

I have looked at classes but they are either way out of my price range or don’t cover what I need to work on.  I have no one else to talk to about writing out here.  And online at some of the sites I have been to… There are a few that are ok but I’ve had a few turn into stalkers as well.  So I just stopped reaching out.  Not much bothers me more than someone asking my whole life story and not giving any info about themselves in return.  It’s like they are feeling my life out to see if I am worth hacking (I know this isn’t always true but on atleast on occasion it was for me).  I prefer to take my friendships slowly. Chit chat a little then ask random questions. Kind of feel each other out to see if we have things in common and such. I would also prefer face to face friends but I am a skeptic there as well. Despite all this I do have very close friends that I have had for many many years.

I seem to be getting off track. I started writing about my writing and end up hashing thoughts about friendship. Sorry about that. Long and short of the first part is I would like to get out and go to an actual class (I tried pulling together a writing group once but there was no one in the area and we couldn’t compromise on where to meet).

I guess we shall see. I hope everyone has a great day! Thank you for reading!

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