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More? Really?

I guess this is my week for death.  Last night I found out that two of my classmates from high school died.  So I am not in the best mindframe right now.  And we got a bunch of snow over night (all the rain had gotten rid of what we had).  I didn’t get much sleep due to Stella barking once an hour (only once every hour?).  It is going to be a long day.

Supposedly our garage is done.  It does not have what we requested nor did he fix the mistakes that were made.  At this point we just want the man out of our lives.  It sounds like the company is in a really bad way and I am sorry for that.  But from what I have heard he should have expected it much sooner.  It seems that yesterday was our (wet) window to get the bikes into the garage.  I didn’t want to because there are nails and parts all over in there.  Not to mention outside.  We are both just very frustrated with the whole thing.

When I went to bed it had stopped raining but was very windy.  I laid out multiple layers like I have been.  Since it turns out we got snow and will maybe make it a degree or two above freezing I am glad I took the time to do layers before bed.

I need extra time to clean the car off and get going this morning.  I hope you all have a good day.

4 thoughts on “More? Really?”

    1. Oh no! I found out earlier this year that my best friend thru grade school and high school commit suicide a few years ago. It was like a punch to the gut.
      Thank you for caring. I hope you have a good time otherwise at your reunion. I may have to attend next year as it will be our 30 year reunion 😱


      1. Shame, sad times and much pain there, I know.
        We have a whatsapp group that I am part of… Its good to remind ourselves of good times and innocence. Have fun at the reunion, it will be good for you.
        Ps, i was hesitant about going but now I’m looking forward to it. 🌺 🌸

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