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Talking Helps

This morning has dawned wet and windy.  All the snow should be gone soon.  I had a good talk with my Uncle last night.  We talked about my Aunt and things that she liked.  They have a few small dogs that are having a problem understanding where their Mom is.  That is going to be a rough road for all of them.  Unfortunately  I keep putting myself in imagination in a similar situation.  Something I need to stop doing.

Many months ago I did a presale for the sequel to Stephen King and Richard Chizmar’s novel Gwendy’s Button Box.  I received it in the mail yesterday.  I told my Uncle about this because I remembered my Aunt being a Stephen King fan.  I’m glad I did because that led to chit chatting about books and such which makes us both smile.

I am glad we talked.  I think it helped us both.  I felt guilty at first because we had been messaging back and forth and then he decided to call.  My phone never rang.  I happened to glance at it and saw that he had called.  I quickly sent him a message then rang him up.  I’m grateful he wanted to talk to me.  Truthfully I’m surprised. I’m not sure why. I guess I never really realized how close we had become over the years.

This is about all I can muster today. I am grateful that I have today off. I hope everyone has a great day.

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