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It’s hard to think that she will never see this sun rise. Or any other sun rise. I can’t help wondering what he must be going through. What would I be feeling in the same situation? I cannot imagine being faced with a life without Chris. But that is the problem. My imagination is very vivid and I can imagine every painful detail. But I cannot allow myself to because I will sink into a pit of despair that it would be hard to get out of.

Instead I try to distract myself with reading and tv. Or mahjong. The kids have done their best to keep me busy. Since there are doors on the garage the new game is I let them in the garage and they go ripping around chasing each other. Then Moose and Stella will run upstairs and rip around sounding like a herd of elephants then come as fast as they can down the stairs to run around some more. (Essie won’t do the stairs unless she has to.) This makes all of us happy.

I see that I need to get myself together for work. I hope everyone has a good day!

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