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Yet Another Great Day!❤️

I’ve been fighting with the WordPress app so this will be a bit short. I read as many blogs as I could.

Yesterday was busy. I did laundry, dishes, cleaned the mouse cage, cleaned the snake cage, played with the dogs, wrote and published a book review, spent more time with the husband and made lasagne for dinner. Needless to say I went to bed tired. But I got a lot done and I am grateful.

Today we will find out if my Aunt can undergo surgery or not. Without giving too many details she might not make it even with the surgery. This is hitting both my parents very hard, not to mention the rest of the family as well. All we can do is wait and see.

The lot should be fairly quiet today so I will be able to relax a bit there. I do have read and writing to catch up on so that will be a good opportunity. All in all I feel my positive attitude finally coming back. Hopefully to stay.

I forgot to mention yesterday that my awesome husband got me some cooking herbs. Instead of dried herbs in a jar they are plants. ❤️

I have rosemary, thyme and basil. I actually used them in my lasagne last night. I was worried that I did not add enough spices. It had been so long since I made it I was unsure (I only used a recipe the first time so each time is a variation of the original). I needn’t have worried. It turned out wonderful!

Nuts! I need to get going and fast! I hope everyone has a great day! Cheers!

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