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Blink! And Gone!

Another cold day has dawned.  I did a little more this morning than I intended with the dogs so I am running a little behind.  There is supposedly just one more bit to install on the garage and it will be done.  I don’t think so since I know there are things that have not been addressed yet but that is the theory.  We are very frustrated and angry with the whole situation.  Oh and we still have to have a final inspection.  Ha ha ha.

I don’t have much to do at the lot today so I am hoping to get some of my reviewing done.  I have reviews I need to rewrite as well as books to read for new reviews.  So I think I might be able to get quite a bit done.  I hope.

I did a lot around the house yesterday.  Now that the oven is fixed I even made a loaf of bread!   I may do some lasagne this weekend.


Well I guess this is all I have time for this morning.  I hope everyone has a good day!  Cheers!

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