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Am I a Writer?

I never did get my second post done yesterday. My day was destined to be busy busy busy. I ended up working over at the lot. And normally that would’ve been ok but it was miserably cold and it was snowing as well as extremely windy. Over an hour in that and I was more than ready to go home. Because I was late I missed seeing Chris off for work. I hoped to get a lot done and I did. Just not things that were on my agenda.

I wanted to start doing more positive posts. I have my ideas a suggestions all ready to go the night before. Then morning comes and I am blah. I guess what this says is I am still a night person. I get good ideas at night but I have started writing in the morning because that is my uninterrupted time. Also (now that I think about things) I am relaxing. There is no pressure to write or come up with anything. Whereas in the morning I know I have to write and the internal editor comes on and starts go on about what I should and should not write.

One of my goals for the winter was to do more writing. I figured with the weather we normally get up here that would leave me more time inside with seemingly nothing to do. Well I can tell you the house looks much better than my writing at this point!

So here I sit. Staring at my various screens (I’m writing this in my phone since my laptop is updating) feeling a bit lost. I’m not sure what the day will bring or what I will get done. But I will try to give my writing a better priority.

I hope you have a great day! Cheers!

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