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Finding My Truth

The day dawned dark but warm.  We had some rain last night too.  The result is that a good portion of the snow is going and the rest is going.  I am grateful.  I am trying to be positive.  I have awakened to back and abdominal pain and my routine has been thrown off.  When I don’t feel good I need my routines.  I am grateful I have the day off.

I think the day will be spent curled up with books.  Yesterday I had intended to do that but we made chili together and I ended up spending time with the family.  I am hoping to get my head into Stirring the Waters by Janelle Moon and Toxic Criticism by Eric Maisel.  I may dabble in some of my writing prompt books as well.  I am going to try to get through the sludge that has accumulated in my creative well.

I have a meeting to cover tomorrow night and then another on Tuesday morning.  I need to keep reminding myself so that I don’t forget.  I am still taking photos but not as much.  I’m not sure why the lull.  I know part of it is because of the vast amount I now have on my phone.  I need to put them on the laptop and then save them to my flash drive.  But again I drag my feet to do it.  I imagine all kinds of things going wrong and losing all these memories…

I am trying to chose my words carefully.  I don’t want everything to become negative.  I am trying to chose my thoughts carefully as well.  Thanks for reading.  I hope you have a great day!

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