Snow and More Snow, Time For It to Go

It has been mass chaos here.  Or atleast it feels like it.  I feel like I’ve been chasing my tail.  Yesterday started with my keys getting locked in my running car (no I did not get a spare set when I bought the car and it is a special key that is expensive to get reproduced).  I managed to sneak back in the house, snag the spare to Chris’s truck, drive to a friend’s house, ask him to help, drive back and sneak the keys for the truck back in without waking the kids.  They never fussed when my friend showed up in his truck either.  Regardless we got my car opened and I ended up half and hour late to work.

The night before I went to the meeting in Elk Rapids.  That was when the storm was just starting to get it’s legs as it were.  Part of the way there is was white out.  I almost pulled over.  The flip side of that is the trip back was nothing.  The only issue was that when they plowed the roads they went down to ice and left it.  No sand, not salt, no nothing.  On the way back I pulled over because there was a car in the ditch.  The angle worried me.  Everyone was ok.  They were just waiting on the tow truck to arrive.  I warned them about the weather warning that had been issued while I was at the meeting.  I’m glad I did because they didn’t know about it.

Things have been so hairy that I wasn’t able to get my article for the paper written until this morning.  I tried last night but the laptop was giving me issues then the internet was wonky.  I finally gave up trying.  Since that is done and now this is I think I will sit down and read for a while.  I think some Lord Peter Whimsy would be nice.

I hope everyone has a great day!

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