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Felling Good

I don’t know how long this will be (I am listening to hear if the garage doors will be delivered today) but I am gonna do this while I have the time. I’m feeling inspired by some of the authors I have read on here this morning. So thank you!

Yesterday’s post was supposed to go up at the regular time but when I went to put the photos in I discovered that I had run out of room on the site to upload any. But even though I took them out of the post the site kept trying to upload them and thus did not post til after I got home from work. Part of my goal this morning will be to go back and delete pictures that are generic from my older posts to make room for new ones.

It was a frozen land of green out back when we woke up. About a quarter inch of ice. It has been raining a lot the past 24 hours and then temps bottomed out last night.

I have a lot to accomplish today. Not the least of which will be getting the contractor out here to finish the garage. He was supposed to go downstate to get the doors Monday but when I called him he said he had to rearrange his schedules and was going down this morning. Soooooo…

I also need to take back bottles and cans. We get 10 cents for each one we return so it should be a good chunk of change. It has been a while since a made any returns. I may get us a treat. It will depend on how much I get back.

Also on the to do list are numerous phone calls which by looking at the clock I should start doing. I think I made some room so I will try to add pictures. I hope everyone has a great day!  (Tried to add photos but no joy.)


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