Steady On

Here  it is Monday.  The time change has had me up since 5am.  I was falling asleep all day yesterday and even stayed up until our “normal” time.  But when Chris came to bed at 1:30am I was wide awake.  The fact that the sun is up (it is raining so it is still dark) makes no difference.  It will still be darker sooner and no amount of clock changing will change that fact.  Not a fan of the time change.

Despite having said that it would be a lazy day yesterday it wasn’t.  I got dishes done as well as laundry.  I kept the kids moving so they slept pretty well.  Moose was resting his head on me if he thought I was getting up or upset last night.  I spent most of the day reading Dorothy L. Sayers first Lord Peter book, Whose Body?.  I wasn’t even online very much yesterday.  I’m glad.

Moose is keeping an eye on me.  Everytime I pause in my typing he cracks an eye to see why. I am now typing this on my phone because the laptop site keeps locking up. I suppose it is just as well since I need to get ready for work. I hope you have a great day!