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Fading in to Winter

Everyone here is very much in hibernate mode with the cold coming in.  If the skies are dark odds are someone in the house is napping.  Funnily enough it’s not me.  Even as tired as I was yesterday.  I’m just not a napper.  There is too much going on.  I might miss something!  I remember when I was little the only way Mom could get me to nap was to let me watch the Detroit Tigers play baseball on tv.  I would lay on the floor with my pillow and blanket and watch the game.  I didn’t sleep much but I was quiet.

Tomorrow is Chris’s birthday.  I am glad he has the day off.  He’s been doing six day weeks lately.  We joke that his birthday present is an extra hour of sleep since time change occurs in the wee hours tonight.

The colors are all but gone along with the leaves in the trees.  What I find interesting is that there are all these naked trees until you get to our yard.  A good portion of them not only have their leaves but are also green.

The maples have started shedding their leaves. What remains are a bright yellow. I did get some nice photos when the skies cleared for a bit in the afternoon. I even managed to get a nice shot of the moon slice through the trees.

I am hoping to use today and tomorrow to recharge my batteries. We will be making some beans soup for this weekend as well. I hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading!

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