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Our First Snow Day

Today is going to be a day…  I’ve been awake since around 4:30am.  Naturally the closer I got to my “wake up” time the sleepier I got.  And it is cold and snowy out.  A day when you naturally just want to stay in bed and sleep.

The garage still has not been touched and today will be his last chance.  He said either Thursday or Friday to “button things up.”  No one showed up yesterday and he would not answer his phone.  I called multiple times.  If nothing happens today I am telling him he needn’t show up again or expect further monies from us.  I will just have to fine someone else to put the doors on.  There is more he was supposed to do but at this point it is snowing and the bikes need to be in shelter as does all the stuff in our yard that is supposed to be in the garage.  I am stressing over that because I really don’t want the drama.  I have no idea what will happen if I cut him lose.

I am exhausted before the day has begun. I also need to start leaving earlier because of the weather. I don’t think by much but it will still disrupt our natural flow for the mornings for a bit. That being said I need to get at it. Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Our First Snow Day”

      1. 😂 I rescued her off the side of the road. She’s been abused so I gave her a name that could be heard in many tones. And many a time I felt like I was in a Streetcar trying to get her in the house etc. lol

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