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Where to Go What to Do

I got up around 6am.  I’d been clock watching off and on for a few hours so I decided to just get up.  This will be my one day not to go anywhere this weekend.  Tomorrow is the kids’ Christmas party and I promised I would attend.  I need to take photos and get stuff for a short article incase I need it.  I’m not sure if there will be room in the paper for it.  I will pull everything together and if I use it great but if I don’t that’s no big deal.

I am looking around and trying to figure out my plan of action for the day.  I need to be writing.  I have been keeping up the house and putting off any writing.  Focus focus focus!  I do well for a day or two then it all gets pushed aside.

I do have to say I am proud of myself for getting things done without having to badger myself.  Like yesterday I did my word count and sent it in. I also managed to get the oil changed in the Jeep while I was out doing my running in Traverse.  I felt good getting those things accomplished.

Weather is supposed to move through some time this weekend.  Some weather sites say today while others say tomorrow.  Times vary greatly too.  For as much technology and learning we still don’t know a whole lot.  And really I am grateful for that.  I think it’s nice to know what the week ahead will bring but we forget to just look up at the sky to see what is happening. I like being able to look to nature to tell me what’s going on. If the day is overcast and not a lot of action from the birds and other critters that usually means we are gonna get hit hard with weather within the next 24 hours.

Now that the… well I was going to say the sun is up but it is nothing but grey outside. No wind of any kind. I will take the kids out for a bit and see what nature tells me. I hope everyone has a great day! Cheers!


A Blip

This will be a shorter post.  I slept on the couch with Moose lase night/this morning due to cramps.  They got bad enough they would wake me out of a deep sleep.  The result is little or no sleep and I feel miserable.  The kids and I were in bed by 8pm last night.  I was able to chat with both my parents and spend quality time with Chris and the kids.

The kids enjoyed breakfast as I cut up the giblets (minus the neck) for them.  Everyone has gone back to sleep (oh how I wish I could).  All is silent outside.  We have a Winter Storm Watch thru Sunday.  Up to 13 inches (33cm) of snow.  I don’t have anything scheduled at the lot today.  I will probably have a whole lot of nothing to do.  I hope my buddy Glenn doesn’t stop by.  As much as I want the coffee I really don’t feel good and would just as soon bide my time on my own til I go home.

Well it looks like I need to get moving for work.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Thanks for reading!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite Moose being sick yesterday and me being less than stellar myself I did get a lot done after work.  I cleaned the mouse cage, did trash, switched out dishes, washed laundry AND put it away as well as two trips to the garage with the dogs.  This morning I pulled the turkey from the smoker and plopped it in the oven (Chris started it when he got home last night) this time with stuffig and herbs, wrote my article that I was supposed to do last night, and made the pumpkin pie.  The pie is baking right now.

I feel accomplished even if I am in serious pain (not to do TMI but the long and short of it are very bad cramps that have me doubled over at times).  Moose is better but he seems to have lost some of his happy-go-lucky.  He sticks to me like glue.  It could be because he knows I’m hurting.  Essie has also been very attentive.  Well, ok all of them are a bit more than normal.

I can’t help thinking about my family and friends that have lost loved ones recently.  I wish I could gather them all together but I cannot.  Christmas will be worse I think.  Then I remember at this time last year I was in Oklahoma with Chris’s side of the house.  It was weird being able to spend time with family instead of working. I am still not used to it.

This year it will be just Chris and I. And I think we both want it this way this year. Another thing I am grateful for is the weather. All I have seen and heard over the past week or two has been about these massive storms that are going to make travel hell for this holiday. We had rain yesterday and despite the big fat flakes that came down last night the sun is out and shining and there is barely a dusting of snow. ❤️❤️❤️

Well before I make this much longer I will sign off. Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful to have all of you!

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Bad Weather and Upset Tummy 😢🐾

It has been pouring rain for a few hours now. The wind is considerable. Not sure if it when the power will go. Chris almost hit a downed tree in the way home.

Moose started getting restless around 6:15 am. He tossed and turned on me but couldn’t seem to get comfortable. He finally laid on the floor. And couldn’t get comfortable there. Then I heard him stand up like he was coming back to bed then a small whine and he left the room. A minute or so later I heard him getting sick in the living room. He got sick about five times.

I was able to coax him out long enough to go pee and he did eat breakfast. But I can tell he still doesn’t feel good. He has come to lay beside me in the floor. Very rarely does that happen. He usually is behind me on the love seat on on the couch. I am tempted to bring him to work with me. The problem is he really doesn’t like it there. And if the power goes out here he atleast can comfort Essie who will be shaking. I just don’t like leaving him. He’s never been sick like that before.

This ought to be an interesting day. I am gonna be worried about him til I get home. Our contractor is supposed to come and get the trash left behind by his various teams. I wonder in this weather. I also have no word on the final inspection. Angry no longer covers my feelings.

I need to get ready to go. Please keep my baby Moose in your good thoughts and prayers. Have a great day!

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Start of Idiot Season

The day after tomorrow will begin what I not-so-lovingly referred to as the idiot season in retail.  All beginning with, not Black Friday, but with what dubbed Grey Thursday.  T remember when 6am was the hallowed hour at which stores opened.  Not 10am on Thanksgiving.  That was what we did the last year we were open.  And everyone hated it. Being part of the management team had it’s perks because I could hide out in our shared office.  I could also drift back to the breakroom and snack when I got the munchies (we worked 12 hour shifts and usually got the 10pm to 10am shift).

I tried to make the holiday season better for my co-workers over the years.  My best one was when I organized the Secret Santa.  It got to the point that in October I was being asked if we would be doing the Secret Santa that coming December.  A few years I even did an Ugly Sweater Contest.  I’d like to think that I helped us get through the month of madness a little bit happier.

Last year was the first year in 15 that I actually spent Thanksgiving as the holiday it was meant to be.  I was with family and I was very very grateful.  People forget that here.  They forget that it isn’t about the almighty dollar. It’s supposed to be about family and gratitude.

So for those of you who plan on going shopping for those Black Friday deals (that you can get year round if you pay attention to sales) please be respectful towards the sales staff. They have to give up family time not for any good cause (not really) like saving a life or keeping people safe but because of greed.

I would also add to be grateful for anyone that has to work the holidays because you wouldn’t be able to do all that you can without them.

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Remembering the Past

I listen to the engine of the truck as it sits outside waiting for the bus to arrive to take their kids to school and remember when I had to take the bus to school.  Every day was an adventure as we had to drive through the heart of Detroit to pick up some of my classmates.  I got to see a lot of life I otherwise wouldn’t have looking out those bus windows.

Looking back I was exposed to a lot of things that people now would’ve thought twice about doing.   Living in Hazel Park was not as risky as Detroit but it could be.  My best friend lived a good hour walk away and I wouldn’t think twice about doing it (especially in the summer).  In the summer I walked everywhere.  I did the same thing when I first moved up here.  I stayed with Mom just up M72 West and I daily would wallk all the way to 14th Street for work.  And in all weather too.

I have very good memories from some of my sketchy behavior.  I got my husband out of that too.  First night my friends tried to snub him and say they only had room in the car for me so he said he’d walk and meet us there.  Well I decided I would walk with him.  That shocked everyone (including Chris I think) and we’ve been together ever since with many of our own wild adventures.

Part of me feels sorry for the generations that have come after mine.  Our world was a bit crazier but a bit safer because of that.

I need to get going for work.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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A Quandary

It is a late morning here.  I spent the day on the loveseat with rotating Pitbulls reading Lord Peter Whimsy stories.  The headache my day started with turned into a migraine.  I keep telling myself that I will get back into my groove after this coming week.  With the loss of a family member and two high school friends last week I am allowed the time to grieve.  Even though my brain is chiding me for “wasting time” and that I just need to get back up and keep moving.

I look at my piles of books on writing… am I pushing myself too much?  Not enough?  I don’t feel that I have made any further advance on my writing.  I’ve all but dropped off my other writing site.  Doing the same things isn’t helping.  I need to find a fresh way of approaching my writing.

I have looked at classes but they are either way out of my price range or don’t cover what I need to work on.  I have no one else to talk to about writing out here.  And online at some of the sites I have been to… There are a few that are ok but I’ve had a few turn into stalkers as well.  So I just stopped reaching out.  Not much bothers me more than someone asking my whole life story and not giving any info about themselves in return.  It’s like they are feeling my life out to see if I am worth hacking (I know this isn’t always true but on atleast on occasion it was for me).  I prefer to take my friendships slowly. Chit chat a little then ask random questions. Kind of feel each other out to see if we have things in common and such. I would also prefer face to face friends but I am a skeptic there as well. Despite all this I do have very close friends that I have had for many many years.

I seem to be getting off track. I started writing about my writing and end up hashing thoughts about friendship. Sorry about that. Long and short of the first part is I would like to get out and go to an actual class (I tried pulling together a writing group once but there was no one in the area and we couldn’t compromise on where to meet).

I guess we shall see. I hope everyone has a great day! Thank you for reading!

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The Culprits

I am starting this with pictures because this is what I am trying to type around this morning. There are three needy pups who let me type a few words but then are giving me kisses and trying to get in my lap.

As you can see Essie hates having her photo taken but be doing that hasn’t chased her away. This is taking forever since I don’t have the heart to yell at them. Even telling them no makes them looks so sad. Brats.

I do feel a little better. Ok. This is impossible. I will try to write something more later. I hope everyone has a great day! ❤️🐾

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More? Really?

I guess this is my week for death.  Last night I found out that two of my classmates from high school died.  So I am not in the best mindframe right now.  And we got a bunch of snow over night (all the rain had gotten rid of what we had).  I didn’t get much sleep due to Stella barking once an hour (only once every hour?).  It is going to be a long day.

Supposedly our garage is done.  It does not have what we requested nor did he fix the mistakes that were made.  At this point we just want the man out of our lives.  It sounds like the company is in a really bad way and I am sorry for that.  But from what I have heard he should have expected it much sooner.  It seems that yesterday was our (wet) window to get the bikes into the garage.  I didn’t want to because there are nails and parts all over in there.  Not to mention outside.  We are both just very frustrated with the whole thing.

When I went to bed it had stopped raining but was very windy.  I laid out multiple layers like I have been.  Since it turns out we got snow and will maybe make it a degree or two above freezing I am glad I took the time to do layers before bed.

I need extra time to clean the car off and get going this morning.  I hope you all have a good day.

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Talking Helps

This morning has dawned wet and windy.  All the snow should be gone soon.  I had a good talk with my Uncle last night.  We talked about my Aunt and things that she liked.  They have a few small dogs that are having a problem understanding where their Mom is.  That is going to be a rough road for all of them.  Unfortunately  I keep putting myself in imagination in a similar situation.  Something I need to stop doing.

Many months ago I did a presale for the sequel to Stephen King and Richard Chizmar’s novel Gwendy’s Button Box.  I received it in the mail yesterday.  I told my Uncle about this because I remembered my Aunt being a Stephen King fan.  I’m glad I did because that led to chit chatting about books and such which makes us both smile.

I am glad we talked.  I think it helped us both.  I felt guilty at first because we had been messaging back and forth and then he decided to call.  My phone never rang.  I happened to glance at it and saw that he had called.  I quickly sent him a message then rang him up.  I’m grateful he wanted to talk to me.  Truthfully I’m surprised. I’m not sure why. I guess I never really realized how close we had become over the years.

This is about all I can muster today. I am grateful that I have today off. I hope everyone has a great day.