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Fall Is Here

Today is going to be busy. We are getting Chris’s truck as well as doing some running around. They are also supposed to come and finish the garage today at 11:30am. I have this in writing for what that is worth.

I am just so tired right now. Part of it is me the other part is the cold just seems to suck the life right out of me. We had a hard frost last night. I am glad I got the bikes covered.

The kitchen sink drains again (yay!). The two that came out to fix it last night were really awesome with the dogs and I have to say the dogs were very well behaved. I am very proud of them.

I need to write my article either tonight or tomorrow for the kids Christmas party. Then Monday morning I will finalize it and send it in. I also need to submit my word count. Hopefully we won’t be too long while we do our running. Truthfully I’d rather be here while they are working on the garage. Assuming they show up.

I did get some more good pics of the local colors. Everything is starting to go yellow and brown is not far behind. The strong winds have brought down a lot of the leaves early. I am noticing bare spots in the trees. I hope you enjoy the latest batch of photos. Have a gear day and thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Fall Is Here”

    1. Well not really. Got home to three bloody dogs (a stray showed up in the yard and they fought with each other in the house since we were gone) and other things have gone amiss. Very frustrating.


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