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Thoughts and Colors

A day off.  I am grateful.  The past three days have been very hectic and I am going to enjoy the quiet.  We still need to pick Chris’s truck up today but that won’t be until this afternoon but after that I can stay home.

There is not really a whole lot to talk. I have been busy and I guess my brain is on auto pilot.  I have taken a ton of photos (I really need to figure out how to transfer my photos onto a memory stick via my laptop).  I am actually pretty pleased with most of them.  (For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook you my recognize some of the ones I have already shared.)

It has been a wild road.  I notice that I am recognized by more and more people locally because of my articles in the paper.  It is kind of cool but at the same time it feels weird to be recognized.  I am glad that people read my work and enjoy it (just like on here).

I hope you enjoy the photos from the yesterday as well.  I snuck some of the kids while we were out and about as well.  Have a great day!  Thanks for stopping by!

12 thoughts on “Thoughts and Colors”

    1. Thank you so much! It seems as unique to me not to have colors. And Mother Nature is putting on quite a show this year. There have been Falls where the leaves have done just that and hardly any color change.

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