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Losing the Light

The wind is picking up again.  We lost power from about 3pm yesterday til around 10-10:30pm.  It was… interesting.  The fact that it was rather warm out made it feel a bit like Spring or Summer.  So the dogs and I chilled as much as we could (the fact that the ceiling fan stopped terrifies Essie and I have no idea why).  As darkness started to fall I lit some candles and we got ready to hunker in for the night.  The power burst back on around 8:30pm.  So I go around getting things back to normal.  The clock radio in the bedroom has decided it is going to be turned on for all time.  The only way I could shut it up was to unplug it.  By the time I followed the cord and unplugged it everything in the house started turning on and off at will.  Everything was random.

Now the dogs are completely freaking out and trying to attach themselves to me by any means necessary.  I notice that the lights that are on outside are not flashing like everything electronic inside.  I turn the ceiling fan off and everything stablizes.  For a minute or two.  Then it all flashes once, twice more and goes out.  Again. Sigh.

Amid the dogs freaking out I decided to just batten everything down and hunker down in bed. I go through the house and just turn everything off as best as I can. I leave two lights on for Chris so that if the power does come back on he can see to get in the house. I brush me teeth, leave the candle and a lighter in the bathroom Incase I need them later and we head to bed.

Around 10-10:30pm everything blipped back on (mostly clicks and the microwave) spooking everyone. Again. I get up and quickly turn off the one light I missed and crawl back into bed with my Kindle. I have maybe a foot and a half of bed with Stella at my head and shoulders, Moose down the rest of the way and Essie between my legs. That last til around 1am or so when Stella kept hearing something (I did too, like someone pacing their vehicle back and forth in front of the house) and stayed in the living room. Once Chris got home Moose was along my top half, Essie my bottom half and Stella between my legs. We were up at 7am.

As the power seems to try to wax and wane I’d better wrap this up and post it before I can’t. Cheers!


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