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I don’t know how long this will be due to me not feeling all that great.  Do you notice when you have to do something (and it may not even require much effort) you find excuses not to do it?  I find myself doing that more and more.  I don’t know why.  I will blow things off until the last minute then panic to try to get it finished in time.  Can anyone explain why?  I suppose it could be that I am afraid to fail, afraid that I won’t do it right and mess it up.  Am I just lazy?  I don’t think so but I really don’t know.

I have promised to write (or rather rewrite) some reviews that were never published. I am frustrated because I told the authors/editors (some of whom I am friends with) that the reviews would be published and within a few weeks of me writing them. Here it is a few months later and nothing. So I said I would try to do it this weekend since Chris is working. It felt good telling them that I would take care of them but now… now I find myself trying not to procrastinate.

I do the same thing when I make plans with other people. It sounds great until the actual day arrives and then I can think of nothing but trying to find an excuse not to do something or go somewhere. I get mad at myself but I can’t seem to help it. Even things I want to do suddenly the day of I feel this overwhelming desire to stay home.

Does anyone else do this? I notice as I get older it becomes more and more prevalent in my life. I’d better start working on those reviews while I am still upright. Have a great day!

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