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Walking the Path of Life

This morning has dawned dark and grey.  It has rained a lot up here and there are areas of severe flooding in Traverse.  Things have been a constant state of damp locally.  I see more storms hitting off the east coast.  This makes me wonder what kind or winter we will have.  How cold?  How much snow?   I do have to say that the grey skies do make the fall colors pop.

Each day seems to pass faster than the last.  Even when things are going badly that time seems to just as fast.  Is it because I am coming up on 50 years old soon?  Midlife crisis?  Just the big change from working retail seemingly 24/7?  Unlike my parents I am not thinking of things I did not do and wish I could.  I have done a lot of living in my 47 years.  Yes there are things I did not do but I tend to look at all that I have done.  People I’ve met, places I’ve been and cool things that I was able to do.  Mom likes to point out to people how many celebrities I have met over the years.  I never really think about it but she’s right.  I’ve met quite a few.  Indy car racers and team owners, rock stars and movie stars as well as beloved authors.  I’ve done cool things like drive and Indy car off the track, sit on various famous motorcycles, guard people like Paul Neuman, model with some of the first electric cars ever made, drive around in a Model T Ford…

So I guess what I need to ask myself is where to go from here.  What new mischief do I want to get into?  I’ve got my dream bike and I learned how to ride.  I guess track days is the next logical step.  But what else?  I found one of my bucket lists from my 20s the other day.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how many I was able to cross off.  Not many people can do that.  Maybe that is part of my problem.  I have achieved so much I don’t have anything that I need to accomplish.  There is nothing that if I died today I would regret not doing.  Hmmmm….  I guess I will need to ponder that one.

What would you do if your could?  Who would you talk to?  Who would you be with?  Where would you be?   Something to think about.  Have a great day!

8 thoughts on “Walking the Path of Life”

  1. Let’s see: What would you do if your could? I have always dreamd of driving a bus, i think I still do; Who would you talk to? Hm, there are a select few online friends I’am diying to talk to; Who would you be with? I have to ponder about this one; Where would you be? Either on top of a mountain or in a little boat on the seven seas.

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