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Fall Colors and Other Things

This morning has not dawned yet.  It is still dark out and not only that but it is cold.  I find myself still sleepy (I keep telling myself that 24 hours ago I was just finishing feeding the dogs after getting home from staying up all night watching horror movies) and a bit on the achy side.  I have a meeting to cover tonight but I’m not sure how I will get there.  Chris’s truck should be back with us on Thursday (naturally there was more found wrong once things were torn apart) but before then there is still just my Jeep and our two motorcycles.  That means one of us has to ride their bike tonight.  We both have heated gear but it will be around 37F (2C) for a low tonight and neither of us wants to ride in it.

I think in my sleepless exuberance I played too much with the dogs because my shoulder blades woke me this morning around 3am with pain.  We did a lot of tug of war and tossing of toys yesterday.  Moose even played tug of war when I pulled his toy down.

The colors are slowly making a show.  I got a few photos that I will share.  I got a rather cool phone call yesterday.  My writing is helping me connect more with my local community.  I was asked to I would help them by doing an article(s) for the local paper.  They provide gifts for the local kids from donations as well as a pretty cool Christmas party.  It just made me feel good that they would reach out to me for help.  Needless to say I will do what I can.

I need to wrap this up (pardon the pun) and get ready for work.  I hope everyone has a great day!

2 thoughts on “Fall Colors and Other Things”

  1. It’s so exciting that folks are asking you to write things for them! That’s a testament to your exceptional skill. The pictures are wonderful. We have warmer temperatures but your colors sure outshine ours. Have a great week!

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