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No Rest for the Wicked!

Wow.  I got home around 7:30am, bed around 8am and the kids let me sleep til 10am.  I’ve been up since 9am yesterday.  Sigh… not rest for the wicked!  The three of us had an awesome time though.  By the third movie I think we were all starting to dose.  I was most awake for the last one because it was the new one with Jamie Lee Curtis and I hadn’t seen it yet.  Sorry, let me recap.  Last night I and two good friends went to a Halloween (the movie franchise) over night film fest.  It started at 11pm last night and went until around 6:30am this morning.

The theatre ran the first three Halloween movies and the fourth one was the most recent one with Jamie Lee Curtis.  There was unlimited popcorn and pop for those who did the “upgraded” ticket.  Which is what the three of us did.  There was a guy there dressed as Michael Myers who seemed to like the fact that I had his face on my chest I mean my tee shirt… lol.  I can say that I have been hit on my a serial killer!  All in all we had a good time.   For those of us who stayed the whole night we got cool certificates to prove our valor.

Ok.  I am going to post the photos from last night as well as a few from yesterday.  I have had to reload this post four times and lost some of my writing in the process.  I may try to add more later but I can atleast get this out there.  Have a great day!


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