I am feeling out of sorts.  That’s not a good way to put it but my words aren’t forthcoming this morning.  Not long after I got home from work yesterday I noticed a lot of smoke from a neighbor’s yard.  Burn piles are not uncommon here so I called Chris to take a look because it seemed to be an awful lot of some for just a burn pile.  Just as we stood watching I saw huge flames licking the back of the house.  Immediately I went in and called 911.  It seemed like forever til they showed up.  The fire was consuming the house quickly and apparently they had ammunition for their firearms in the house because you could hear what sounded like random shots going off.  Two people (atleast one was male maybe both) went quickly up the driveway to the fire.  Not long after that one of the walls blew out.  I was yelling for them to get out of there (for all the good it did).

The house is situated in a bunch of pine trees and the wind kept shifting.  We live right next door so I was concerned about the possible spread of the fire.  An ambulance came to take someone away but I’m not sure who.  I didn’t know if anyone was home since he keeps odd hours with his job.  Another neighbor said that she heard a young man had gotten badly burned and was taken.  There were about a dozen fire trucks on both roads (we are at the end of our road so this neighbor is right on the corner of the intersection) and our road was shut down just past our driveway.  They stayed for about two and a half hours.  I’m not sure if the neighbor showed up at one point.  I know about thirty minutes after everyone left the son showed up and walked around the damage.  The house was pretty much a total loss.

This has hit me more than I expected.  I slept hard and I am irritable with little things going wrong.  I’ve not ventured out yet this morning.  It is supposed to be beautiful with highs around 71F (21C).  It looks a bit windy.  I still need to call the vet to see if the job is still available.  I forgot they are closed on Wednesdays so I wasn’t able to call yesterday.

I will share a few photos of the fire.  I didn’t take very many.  Hopefully today I can take more positive photos to share.  Have a great day…

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