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Treading Softly

I am excited to announce that I am going to a Halloween movie marathon next Saturday.  The movies start around 11pm Saturday night and should wrap up around 6am Sunday morning.  There will be cool prizes given away and you get a lanyard and certificate if you finish all of five movies.  I am soooo excited to go!  So one of two things will happen Sunday.  I will either do my blog as soon as I get home (I planned to feed the kids when I got home since it would be around their usual breakfast time) or I will do it later in the day after I get a few hours of sleep (which probably wouldn’t be much due to the fact that I can’t seem to sleep in the daytime).  So stay tuned!

Essie doesn’t feel good this morning.  She seem to have an upset tummy.  I’m not sure why.  I just let her back out for the third time since we got up.  Stella got sick this morning as well but she threw up something she shouldn’t have eaten in the first place.  Part of it was a hot pink.  I myself am a bit off.  I think I managed to give myself a concussion at work yesterday.  I cracked my head pretty hard on a chunk of metal (I stood up full force into it).  I didn’t really have any issues until after my shower last night.  That is when it started to ache and swell etc.  This morning I just wanted to stay sleeping.  Truthfully I feel a bit out of it as I write this.

The sun is out!  We had a freeze warning last night.  All the plants have pretty much stayed in since I brought them in last time.  I repotted one.  I need to give it love and encouragement though.  It is not doing well due to the shock of being transplanted.  I may sneak that one closer to the main door this morning.  I think a round of Miracle-Gro might be in order for everyone as well.

I was able to take a few photos the past two days since things cleared up enough.  I got some decent sunset shots last night.    I will share some of those this post.  Oh and a short garage update… the contractor is supposed to come out this weekend and finish up what he started last weekend.  The main door should be delivered early next week and the final inspection will be Tuesday.  We are not sure how you can have a final inspection on an unfinished building but there it is.  Things better wrap up soon too.  The birds are already starting to look for places to nest over t he winter again.  I had to chase a few out this morning.

Well I have been going on for a bit so I will stop here and share the photos I took.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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