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Seasonal Blahs

I find myself concerned over how I will be mentally over this coming winter.  As the days get darker and colder so does my mind.  I don’t like being cold.  I don’t mind the darkness as long as I have some sunshine to go with it.  The past few days have been dark and dreary here, as well as wet and cold.  My attitude has not been the best.  I have stifled a lot of negative things from myself (everything from thoughts to not wanting to be touched and getting angry when I am) so as to not lash out at others.  Since this is only the third day of October this does not bode well for the coming season.

The kids and I are already not having much fun when we can’t have the doors and windows open nor go outside.  We tend to gravitate out of doors to play or to just be.  Once the snow hits we will be stuck inside with the exception of them going potty or having a toy thrown for them to chase.  Blah.

October has always been bittersweet for me.  When I worked in retail it meant that Black Friday preparations were going to be starting which always meant that once October was over we wouldn’t be seeing much of our families until after the first of the year.  Holiday hell was on the horizon.  Besides that it also meant that the cold and snow was right around the corner.  (Which also meant driving hell because the roads were never good once the snow started to fall and stick.)  This year it will hopefully be better because we aren’t planning any trips anywhere so I won’t be a basketcase about that.  And I also work fairly close to home (with the exception of covering the meetings for the paper) so minimal road time in bad conditions.  And we will be spending the holidays together at home.  So that should help.

I will start taking photos of the trees as they start to change color as well.  Most of what we have is green still.  But with all this rain and a cold snap they may start changing soon.  Truthfully I am grateful for the continued green despite the flaming beauty of the fall colors.

Well my coffee cup is empty and my laptop tells me it needs to reboot so I guess I will stop for now.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great day!

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