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Ahhhhhh October!

Oh the joy! Oh the happiness!  October is pretty much my favorite month because everyone caters to my love of horror!  I can watch as much and as many horror movies as I want and not seem weird!  I can get all my creepy Halloween decorations out and buy more because it’s that time of year!  GIGGITY!!!!!

I had not expected to feel the happiness til later but when I woke up and turned on the laptop to play a game of Mahjong and it asked me if I wanted to play with a limited time Halloween background and special set of tiles…. for FREE!  Sigh!  (It went a long way to keeping me non pissy from all the little things that were going wrong this morning.)

I got some beautiful photos yesterday of my flowers that are still happily blooming as well as the sunset last night.  Again I was frustrated by the lack of colors that would show through on the photo.  Another problem was I could see the crescent moon very vividly and would make a fabulous photo but when I took the picture it was not visible.  I did manage to get it to appear in atleast one photo.

It is a beautiful morning (73F (22C)) so I think I am going to get outside for a while.  It is supposed to rain and the temperature drop later this afternoon.  So I will leave you with a bunch of photos from yesterday and this morning to look at.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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