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Buzzing Right Along

More rain seems to be headed to the South while we seem to stay at just enough.  I guess it rained here last night because Chris mentioned he got caught in it on the way home.  (Essie seems to be very needy right now.  She keeps coming between me and the keyboard.  She was the last one to get up this morning.  She is usually the first.  I had to go back into the bedroom and get her out so I could shut the door.)

My wrist is still bothering me but I am still doing stuff with it.  This morning the swelling is down considerably.  I am grateful for that .  As of right now I only have one pick up so that will free me to get some writing and reading done on my reviews.  It hurts less to write long hand than to type.  I did get the backyard mowed last night (which is a HUGE deal because I take forever to mow with probably a good acre involved and various obstacles involved) but I didn’t bother with the front.  Truthfully it doesn’t need it.  Nothing has really grown since the last time I mowed.  We are going to try to grow actual grass up front again.  But we have to wait until we aren’t parking on it anymore.  That being said the smaller of the garage doors arrived yesterday and supposedly they will be putting it in today (I am both happy and concerned… happy because it’s being done but concerned because I don’t want the girls to fight and I won’t be home to prevent anything).  The main door was damaged (again) in transit to the store.  So either he forgot he used that excuse already or they are very bad with handling doors at the store.

I had not intended to rattle on like this.  I had planned a nice orderly blog about … something.  Oh well.  Now it’s time for work so maybe I’ll write a short one later.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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A day off.  I know, I only work three days a week (unless I am writing for the paper).  But my days off are mine.  I can do what I want when I want without worrying about getting it done before someone shows up and I am home.  That means a lot.  I have access to things I need as well as the things I want (such as a specific food or movie etc).

I try to set goals for my days off.  It might be finish laundry or switch out dishes or clean out the mouse cage.  I always try to include atleast one or two writing goals as well.  Even if it is just doing this and doing some journal work.  I try to make time to play with the kids and work in the yard.  I usually get everything done.  What I don’t I plan to do the next day off or free time I have.

I have to keep myself focused.  If I let my mind wander too far it will naturally gravitate to what can go wrong or what is wrong that could get much worse.  That is why I have to be careful of how I set my goals.  If it is about money especially.  That is an easy excuse for my mind to unleash it’s anxieties (and mine) about bills and other money matters.  That is never a productive situation.  So I try to be selective in my thoughts and plannings.

Today’s goals are to figure out what books that I have read that need to be reviewed outside of my normal channels, namely places like GoodReads and Amazon.  I have been asked to read books and submit the review and it is someone else’s responsibility to get it out to the public.  This time I am going to do it myself (as some of the reviews have seemingly gotten lost or just not put out yet I will write a fresh one for each).  Even if I don’t get any further than making my lists today it is a start.

I also hope to start mulling around ideas for a book.  I need a project to get me moving again.  A book (be it fiction or not) is something I can take with me wherever I go to work on.  It gives me something to focus on.

The kids are getting restless so that is my cue to wrap things up.  Have a great day!

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Dazed and Confused

It feels like I am running late.  I am I guess but I’m not sure why.  We got up on time.  The laptop isn’t acting right either.  So I’m not sure what the deal is.  Please don’t let this be an indicator for the day!  The morning has gone smoothly except for someone trying to hack my phone and the laptop not know if it is coming or going or both.

On the plus side the Jeep sounds wonderful!  I don’t have to crank the music to hear it over the grinding in the back.  The dogs won’t know what to do.  I am mentally freaking out right now.  One big reason is because I am worried about (what is wrong with this damn machine?!) Mom.  She texted me and said she would be off the grid for a little bit.

This machine is making it even more difficult to write that it already is (my wrist still hurts like nobody’s business but it is getting better).  My mind is all over.  Half the time I am reversing my letters as I type.  I seem to do that when I am really upset.  So I must be really upset.  I also haven’t gotten very far with this for as much time as I’ve been at it.

I need to get things together and get out the door for work.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!

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Peeking Out at My World

Another day has dawned.  It is overcast and I guess very foggy in areas.  It’s not too bad here but we are in a bit of a valley.  Things have defiantly taken an upward swing.  Not all mind you but enough that I am not a complete mess.  And for that I am grateful.

The culmination of things was when we got home after dropping of the truck and I hear the girls fighting as I am trying to get the door unlocked and open.  At that point I had had enough.  They are both a little worse for ware (Essie again getting the brunt)but both seem to be listening to me and behaving.  I have no idea what set this whole situation off to begin with other than Josh coming over with his dog.  I’d hate to have to set the cage back up and have to leave one of them on there while we were gone.  But if that is what it takes…

I have my Jeep back as well.  He sounds a lot quieter but I will do a shakedown run later to see for sure (I just moved him from the driveway to the front yard).  It was only $150 to get the wheel bearing replaced.  Not only that but we dropped the Jeep off before Chris went to work (“our mechanic” lives literally right around the corner from us) and they drove it back over last night when it was done so I wouldn’t have to walk over and get it.

My wrist still hurts (yesterday at work I was having to stop every little while just to rest my wrist) but the swelling has gone down as has the pain level.  Mostly.  Typing this has made things move up in the pain category although writing long hand no longer hurts.  So before my wrist gets much worse I am going to sign off.  Thank you to everyone who reached out yesterday.  It means a lot and did help.

I hope everyone has a great day!

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More Excitement Than I Want

This morning I am a bit anxious as my wrist is very swollen and hurts.  A lot.  I have been keeping it elevated but that doesn’t seem to have made much difference.  It is painful and swollen.  I don’t have the time (nor funds) to go to the ER.  So I will keep you updated on that.  Positive thoughts, prayers whatever you care to send will be appreciated.  This is on top of finding out that it wasn’t a brake issue with the Jeep.  It maybe the more expensive option of the rear wheel bearing.  Lucky me!

On the good side the kids have been very good and have been patient with me not doing much.  We have still played a lot.  This might be all I write.  It is getting difficult to keep typing.  I already switched the mouse to the left hand.

After work we are dropping off Chris’s truck and then he will drop me home before he heads to work.  The plan was that he would be able to use the Jeep in bad weather but if it is a wheel bearing going… At any rate at least he has his motorcycle.

Geez.  Things didn’t feel so grim until after I wrote all this.  And I do need to get it moving.  I have to bring my riding gear to work.  Can I just not adult anymore?

I hope everyone has a great day!

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Drama and Trauma

This morning I am writing on my phone. Everyone is finally asleep. The girls are on the loveseat behind me. Moose is on the couch. I’ve been awake since 3:30am. We finally got out of bed around 5am because of the storm. Almost as soon as I got them medicated and settled in the storm was done. 😡 Oh well.

Yesterday was a mess. To give you the long and short of it rear brakes on the Jeep got done (thank you Josh) and I got to break up a fight between Essie and Stella. Not going in to the traumas and drama. Essie and I both hurt. A lot. We’ll leave it at that. And also because of that this will bit shorter than normal because of my right wrist.

The wind seems to be picking up again. No rain til this afternoon supposedly but it will be overcast all day. Fits me right now.

I think I will either read The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet by Stephen King or delve once more into Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Either way I need to stop typing because of my wrist.

I hope everyone has a great day! Cheers!

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It’s the Weekend!

This morning is running a little behind.  I slept until 8am (yay!) but seem to be running to catch up (boo!).  Between life and the laptop this morning it had been quite the battle.  But here we are finally.  The kids are snoozing although Essie seems hyper aware of my whereabouts at all times this morning.  I’m not sure why.  She was like a little kids left out of a game that everyone else is playing when she couldn’t make room on the loveseat with her siblings.  She even sat on Stella in hopes that maybe she would get down.  Did not happen.


Everyone is ready to be outside this morning.  It is cool but the sun is shining and we haven’t see that for a few days now.  I may even putter in the gardens today.  We’ll see how the day unfolds.

Have you ever felt guilty for being content with what you were doing in you life?  Someone else is busting tail all the time and you are just coasting along doing what you need to and for once being happy…  That is very much me right now.  I am content where I am.  I’m working to do more but gradually.  Is it wrong?  Should I drop everything and go find a “real job”?  I don’t know.  I can tell you I don’t want to.  But that doesn’t answer the question.

Essie is very needy… She has come up to me while I’m on the laptop to get attention.  She never does that.  I hope nothing is wrong.  She is back on hemp oil for the pain.  She was very excited when I pulled it out to put in her breakfast.  Fingers crossed that it will continue to help.

I expected to be achy after the ride on Squirrel Thursday.  Hmmm… maybe I’m in better shape that I thought!  I think I will get a different seat at one point though.  But what I have works for now.  Chris spent half an hour before work the other day getting Squirrel back to right.  Cables were in the wrong place and things were bent making it unable to shift into lowest gear.  So he got all that together.  He also thoughtfully rewired the brakes so that it is set up like on the motorcycle.  No thought involved when I want to stop!  I think I need to find a sticker of a squirrel to put on my bicycle.  Putting a tail under my seat was also suggested but I have no idea where to start looking for a fake squirrel tail.  It would have to stick up too so as to not get caught in the tire/brake system.

Do you ever overwhelm yourself with everything that needs to be done that suddenly you feel like a deer in headlights and don’t even know where to start?  I make myself stop thinking about everything that needs to be done and pick one thing I can do now.  Once that is done then I allow myself to think (quickly to be sure) about things and pick one more thing that needs to be done and do it.  The goal is to get through as much as I can without looking at everything and freaking out.  When I am like this I won’t write a list because seeing everything staring back at me is just as daunting.

I got a rather cool thing in the mail yesterday.  On my other writing site,, I received a nice award.  My physical copy of this award showed up in the mail yesterday.  I was a nice surprise!

Well I have rattled on for enough.  Time to face the day.  Have a good one!

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Squirrels and other Critters

Things are dark and windy here.  Storms started rolling in during the wee hours this morning.  The wind is picking up so I’m guessing I won’t be pedaling in to work this morning.  Oh, Mom and I named the bicycle Squirrel after our squirrel joke and after the tv show Supernatural (if you’ve watched the series long enough you will get the reference).  We had a good long chat last night.  I talked with Dad the night before.

I have decided that my writing needs get done in the morning now.  If I try to do anything once Chris is up it doesn’t happen.  Once he is up the kids know that they can be loud and play.  The only time they will start to wind down is when dark falls.  And that is when I am usually winding down myself.

I did ride Squirrel yesterday, down to the lot and back.  I did well until about 3/4 of the way back I just wanted to stop.  I made myself keep going til I got home.  It took me about 12 minutes to get to work.  I rounded up to 15 minutes.  The trip back… I got home around 1:47pm and left around 1:24pm.  So a minute of two longer to get home.  I was pedaling into a head wind too.  Chris tinkered with Squirrel and rerouted the brake cables and adjusted my shifters and other cables.  So next time I ride it should be a bit better (I couldn’t find gears that I was comfortable with because I wasn’t able to use all the gears because of things being too close together).

Well the sun is up and still no contractor nor building team.  I understand it is raining but the work that needs to be done is primarily on the inside.  No excuses.  So I will call when I get a moment at work to see what is going on.  Oh we lost power last night too so that set everyone off.  The kids really freak out with no power.

Ok, I have babbled enough.  I need to get it together and get to work.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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Trying to Think Write

This morning is dawning tougher than I had hoped.  Not much sleep due to varied interruptions (I’ve essentially been up since 6am) and the enthusiasm I had on falling asleep has dissipated over the night.  And the electronics have gone wonky so it is making anything I do on the computer twice as difficult.

Everyone is asleep and clothes are going in the dryer.  I have my writing tools close at hand (paper and pen as I don’t trust electronics much, even on a good day).  Dammit.  I just saw the spot where Stella was sick and apparently she at one of Essie’s frisbees.  Honestly!  I had hoped we were past this!  Breathing…breathing.

It is supposed to not even hit 70F (21C) today.  I might be able to pedal to work and back to get a time once Chris gets up.  But tomorrow is supposed to be more rain so I don’t know if it will make a difference.  Yesterday the rain started just as I was heading home from work.  Had I pedaled in I would’ve been soaked by the time I got home.  Tomorrow looks to be the reverse.  Better to be soaked on the way home since I can change than on the way to work where I get to stay sodden til I get home.  So we’ll see.

I’m trying to keep all my writing ducks in a row.  It is difficult.  I have two new review books to take care of as well as post one of my reviews on various medias.  I was supposed to post them a while ago but I just never got around to it.  Mostly because I have to bounce between using the laptop and my phone to post everything.  I have the review written.  It’s not like I write the review and submit it and someone else takes care of publication.  With this I write and publish the reviews.  It is a bit of a pain and it is not a paying gig.  But if I do enough of them people will read them and come to me for reviews and writing projects that pay.

Everyone seems happy with the article I did on the MC barbeque.  It has been read online via the MCs Facebook page as well as shared to one of the other chapters of the MC.  Sooooo… oh and I also got a nice compliment from on of the members on the article.  All in all I am pleased with how things turned out.  I was such a fish out of water though.  Not knowing anyone was a tough deal but it worked out because I made friends as I went.

The gardens are still doing well.  Atleast the potted ones.  My poor loves in the front and side gardens have not gotten much attention and it shows.  They bloomed gang busters when I first started the season but now, since I spend most of my time in the backyard, it is all just big green plants.  I need to get out to all the other gardens and atleast clean them a bit.  I may take a shepards hook and put it out front to hang something from this year.  I have three.  If I do it before the weather turns too cold I can get a small bird feeder to put there and then it will be right by the front door which would make it easier to get to in crappy weather.

I seem to be droning on this morning.  Thanks for reading… I hope you have a great day!